Sibiliana Vini towards a sustainable and quality future

Sibiliana Vini inaugurates 2024 with two projects that aim to strengthen the brand focusing on environmental sustainability and product quality.

Sibiliana Vini was established in 2014, with the main objective of enhancing wines of Sicilian identity, produced by Cantine Europa in a context where ancient and authentic Sicilian winemaking traditions are at the core of the company. The year 2024 opens with the promotion of two significant projects that aim to strengthen the brand’s identity with stylistic innovations and with the introduction of sustainable alternatives, close to the environment and the preservation of quality.

The first company’s milestone was the restyling of the label of the already existing Roceno line, which includes ten grape varietals that are expressed in young and territorial wines, which thanks to their freshness and versatility can satisfy the tastes of every wine lover.
The new style requires that each variety is represented by a color that suggests the typical aromas of the territory where the grapes come from, accompanied by patterns of gold-laminated majolica, typical of the pure and traditional island of Sicily.
The restyling of the Roceno label was intended to represent an elegant, lively, and authentic line. “Today the wine market requires fresh wines with a strong territorial identity, also for the international grape varieties that find a new expression in the Sicilian territory,” commented Giacomo Spanò, the winemaking of Cantine Europa.

As a second innovation, the company introduced the Tetra Pak packaging for the bricks products. A conscious decision to reaffirm the company’s commitment to sustainability, which is one of its most imp

ortant values. Tetra Pak products have more than 70% renewable material that comes from FSC® certified forests and areas managed responsibly and free of deforestation in line with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standard. “We chose Tetra Pak packaging in order to protect our table wine from external influences such as light, air, and bacteria but at the same time to have a carton with greater resistance and more practical to use for our consumers”, concludes Spanò winemaker.

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